2016/02/23 EdgeMAX シリーズのファームウェア v1.8.0 がリリースされました。
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2019/03/04 Ubiquiti Networks より、EdgeMAX EdgeRouter のファームウェア v1.10.9 がリリースされました。



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  • 詳細は、公式サイトの Release Note をご覧下さい。
  • いくつかの不具合が修正されています。v1.10.x をご利用中の方は、適用した方が良いかと思います。
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[Release Notes v1.10.9]

Enhancements and bug fixes:

!!! [Offloading] - Fix regression from v1.10.2 that caused offloading to stop working after 1 month of uptime on Cavium-based routers (ER-lite, ER-PoE, ER, ER-Pro, ER-4, ER-6, ER-12). Discussed here and here

[Discovery] - Fix regression from v1.10.8 that caused UBNT discovery to ignore VLAN interfaces

[OSPF] - Fix Fletcher16 checksum calculation bug that caused OSPF session timeout with Cisco IOS routers. See description here

[SFP] - Fix high CPU load of plat_kthread process when SFP module was inserted in ER-X-SFP

[SFP] - Fix wrong SFP module stats (temperature, power, etc...) that were reported on ER-4. Discussed here

[Interfaces] - Increase max size of MTU on switch0 interfaces to 13K on ER-12

[DHCP] - Fix misleading "bonding_masters" message when configuring DHCP server on ER-12. Discussed here and here

[DHCP] - Fix bug when dhcp6c would restart after closing SSH session. Discussed here

[DHCP] - Fix bug when default gateway was not set if DHCP client got mask /32 addresses. Discussed here and here

[Switch] - Fix bug when wrong VID is attached to incoming packet after changing vlan-aware settings on ER-12

[Kernel] - Add CONFIG_SLAB & CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG_ON kernel compile options to debug memory allocation in kernel. Discussed here. These options add minimal overhead and does not impact performance & throughput

Updated software components:

tzdata 2018e-0+deb9u1


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